It is made with four layers for better protection.

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Product description

Our masks are being made with typical materials. Our textiles are made with ancient techniques, using the waist loom by Mayan women from different regions. Our textiles carry authentic designs that represent our culture. Our history tells the colors of Mother Nature, its people, its customs and traditions. Today we take advantage of this situation that we are in. going through the world and we dared to use our fabrics are reliable and safe made of cotton threads complemented with materials indicated with security filter for their exclusive with Use opening a space of opportunity for all of us who are artisans. Your purchases encourage the development of economic survival and continue expanding beyond our borders, reaching your homes through our website. Reliable and very safe for you to buy. With shipments to the door of your house.

Additional informations

Shipping Weight 200.00 g (0.44 pounds)