Mayan Boutique offers unique guatemalan products made ​​by artisans. We create products of local fabrics used to design Huipiles. You can easily create a custom product choosing materials.

Handicraft Creations

For creating our products, we are based on the traditional Guatemalan clothing modernizing our products with modern fashion. We create unique and authentic products in Guatemala and export them in worldwide. Our products are not only unique, but also artistic creations of our craftsmen. We combine our experience and expertise to provide creative and quality products.

The art of weaving

Due to our cultural heritage, we learned to weave from a young age. The fabric is made entirely by hand. The wool is dyed with natural dyes extracted from local plants. The art of weaving gives to many Guatemalan families the opportunity to have an input of money. Fabrics made from natural pigments have indigenous motifs like animals, flowers, etc.