Mayan Boutique History

Mayan Boutique is full of life and color in each of their textiles handmade by our families. Every day, our family members achieve their best creations by weaving products of unsurpassed artistic quality. We preserve and implement our knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. We learned to develop this art since childhood in our homes where each of our textiles are made into clothing, costumes, decorations, shoes, etc.

Our work is a social responsibility since we have a store in the city of Antigua Guatemala named Mayan Boutique. We require the use of our family members to shape our textiles. In addition, we offer the opportunity to other women from neighboring villages to show their textile designs to offer them gainful employment and thus support their creations. Working with social responsibility, we have a development and an important local growth. We are proud to provide you the artistic and cultural representation of Guatemala.

Our Team

Mayan Boutique

Our team has received an ancestral know-how to develop high quality products at hand. This family business is located near the Arc Street in Antigua Guatemala.

Hight Quality Products

The goal of our project is to conserve the heritage of Maya art by using the same techniques and traditions.

This means we are making all our products entirely by hand. The materials we are using are made from 100% leather and 100% cotton natural color. We work with fabrics that ensure high product quality.